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Using Implants to Bring Your Smile Back

Loss of dentition not only affects the appearance of the person negatively, it also reduces his or her ability to chew properly. It also lowers their self-esteem, in short, it reduces their quality of life. So, to replace missing teeth and restore the aesthetics, health and masticatory function of the patient, dentists apply dental implants. It is best to consult a dentist flowery branch ga if you believe implantation is a possibility.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a common procedure for replacing missing teeth in a stable, natural and durable manner. The implants themselves consist of titanium cylinders that replace the roots of missing teeth, something that no other treatment can do. After these are surgically placed in the jaw bone by a dentist in oakwood ga, they osseointegrate (merge with the bone) to provide a perfect pillar where to set crowns, bridges and dentures. In other words, they can be used to recover one, several or all teeth.

What are implants made of?

Implants are made of titanium, a material that is 100% biocompatible with the body, which means it is an absolute fact that your body will not reject it as a foreign material. Usually, patients are placed under local anesthesia with or without conscious sedation, but he or she can also be placed under general anesthesia. The crowns, bridges and dentures that are placed on top of the implants can be made of porcelain, zirconium metal, gold, or a combination thereof. Many dentists are committed to the use of porcelain and zirconium as these options help achieve a completely natural look.

Implant treatment

When you visit your dentist braselton ga, a specialist in dental implants, make sure he or she discusses with you how implantation will help recover your smile and also advises you on the most appropriate treatment. To make sure implant placement is successful, the dentist needs to keep a sufficient amount of bone volume to accommodate the implant. If that does not happen, the dental expert should be qualified to perform bone regeneration procedures that will help the patient achieve the required amount of bone.

The Family Dental Practice you select should employ a large number of implant techniques to meet all clinical needs. Their implant team not only wants to replace missing teeth but takes into account both the hard and soft tissues as this will help a person achieve natural-looking, long-term stability and comfort. In short, the goal of a dentist should be to give you a better quality of life.